About Us


The Applied Cognitive Engineering Lab (ACEL) at the University at Buffalo conducts research to understand and improve human behavior and performance in dynamic, complex systems, such as transportation and healthcare. We conduct laboratory and field studies, applying both quantitative and qualitative methods, to collect and analyze behavioral, physiological and human performance data.


Current Students

ACEL seeks highly motivated Ph.D. students with an interest in human systems engineering and a strong background in human factors engineering, experimental psychology, and/or applied mathematics. Interested applicants should contact
Dr. H.-Y. Winnie Chen for more information.


Huei-Yen "Winnie" Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo

Office: 318 Bell Hall

Contact: winchen at buffalo dot edu

+1 (716) 645-4705


Driver feedback

Design interfaces to support driver interactions with highly automated vehicles.

Driver training

Develop training models for drivers of highly automated and autonomous vehicles.

Care Planning

Support care planning activities across multiple care settings.

Health literacy

Understanding health literacy barriers of Asian Immigrants with limited English proficiency.